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Ep13 - Paddy Donnelly | Illustrating a Legacy

In this episode, Adii and Paddy discuss the pursuit of diversity, openness to new opportunities, growing and making changes in work to avoid monotony, and creating a legacy through illustration.

Ep12 - Nora Wendel | Living a Life of Effortless Pleasure

In this episode, Adii and Nora discuss seeking effortless pleasure in work and life, why self expression is so important, the difference between feminine and masculine energies, and the need for feminine energy in capitalism.

Ep11 - Andrew Wilkinson | Designing a New Way To Do Business

In this episode, Adii and Andrew discuss Andrew’s evolution from designer to investor, how design fits into the work he does now, starting MetaLab out of necessity, and optimizing his life and career to be able to say “no.”

Ep7 - Tony Weaver Jr | Being Weird Enough

Adii and Tony discuss social entrepreneurship, interplay between business and art, the importance of honest conversations with oneself, the “why” of business, and the impact of influencers and the danger of idolizing the wrong people.