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2 Things I Love

In the last year, I've been lucky to pinpoint my true passion in life (professionally at least): I love helping other entrepreneurs.

This has partly been an evolution of the mindset we have at WooThemes about creating opportunities for others and partly because I've always loved giving back.

To this extent, I'd like to share two of the big loves & mini-passions in my love...


I first joined Kiva and made my first loan in October 2008. I've since invested a total of $9k in Kiva, which has funded almost 800 loans worth almost $22k over the years. (Once a loan is re-paid, I automatically re-lent the money to the next entrepreneur.)

I love Kiva, because a $25 loan goes a long way in most developing countries and most entrepreneurs can fund their little startups on a $300 - $600 budget. I especially love lending money to entrepreneurs doing anything food-related, as that helps solve another problem (malnutrition) in developing countries.

In this sense, it feels like angel investing with the only upside being the warm fuzzies that I receive. Over the years, I've become so addicted to this that I regularly add more funds (mostly earnings from my peripheral activities i.e. a paid writing gig for another blog) to my portfolio and I have no intention of slowing down. :)

(Join me on Kiva today and you can get yourself a free $25 gift card.)


In all honesty, Clarity is my latest fetish.

I was first introduced to Clarity in April 2012 when I met Dan Martell (founder of Clarity) at Microconf and I immediately loved the premise of Clarity: entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. (My words btw.)

Clarity allows me to connect with, share my experience & help other entrepreneurs with whatever they're doing. The Clarity calls aren't free, but proceeds are donated to charity (and I'm able to donate my proceeds to Kiva).

I've had about 10 Clarity calls thus far and it's one of the most fun, most rewarding ways in which I can spend my time at the moment. :)

(If you'd like to chat to me about branding, bootstrapping, remote working or work-life balance, reach out to me on Clarity.)

Don't get me wrong; I love my job. These mini-passions are however the things that makes me get out of bed on those mornings when all other motivation has failed me.

I also love the fact that I've met so many great entrepreneurs & founders within our industry that feels / thinks like this; many of them that have been incredibly generous with the help & advice they've given me.

What's the stuff that makes you get up in the morning?

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