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The Life of a Startup Founder’s Significant Other

WOW! This post really resounded with me just now and it kinda struck a nerve or seven.

I’ve been very blessed since meeting Jeanne, in the way she has been super supportive of my mind being overworked at all times figuring out the way forward for the various businesses that I’m involved with. Normally when I’m stressed or can’t switch off from “work”, she’s the one that has to contend with that and the way in which she has never alienated me, speaks volumes of how amazing she is.

Fact of the matter is, my business life would be a lot more dull & chaotic had it not been for Jeanne (and the many others in my personal life) that keep me looking forward and keeps my mind refreshed / inspired. Every person needs people like this in their life, with the only proviso being that you also need to consider exactly how your life influences those around you.

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