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Family man, seeker and learner. Revealing my inner-poet. 2X Founder: Conversio (acquired by Campaign Monitor) + WooCommerce (acquired by Automattic). Ex-Rockstar.


I’m just about ready to board my flight to New York for a 2 week-long trip, which would also include a trip down to San Francisco for EECI2010. This being my first trip to the States, I’m obviously very excited; so if you’re jealous for some reason, guess it’d be better *not* to follow my Twitter updates in the next 2 weeks… :)

I’ll also be meeting a bunch of cool people whilst I’m over there: @SpencerFry & the Carbonmade crew, @JohnEMaloney (Tumblr), @DaneAtkinson (Squarespace), @awilkinson (Metalab), Aran Down, as well as all the cool EE peeps: @RobertEerhart, @leevigraham, @brandonkelly and a bunch more that would take too long to name…

So planning a lot of business AND fun! Catch you on the flipside.

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