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Shut up. I'm talking.: GPL, WooThemes and a bit of credit

I don’t want this to turn into some giant argument but just hear me out.

Everyone raves about GPL, the community, giving back, blah blah. This kind of stuff generally drives me a bit mad but whatever, drop in the ocean stuff.

WordPress 3.0 features a brand new way to organize your navigation….

So… I don’t mind this month as I’ve learned that larger communities (and societies in general) are simply like this: real contributions go unnoticed by the masses. Such is life.

Would I like more credit? Yeah, why not… It’s publicity, right? But WooThemes’ contribution to the WP 3.0 wasn’t about that though: we had created something incredibly useful for our users and that is now being shared with the WP community at large. For us as a company, the main benefit (and the one we’re most proud of) is the fact that our community of 26k+ users have benefitted from this.

The rest… Well that’s just life. :)

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