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The Startup Charity

Towards the end of 2009, I founded a charity to fund the education of exceptionally talented, but disadvantaged, girls in South Africa and in the months since then, we’ve done a lot of work in getting our structures in place to ensure that our first 2 girls are flourishing within their new environments. It is also for that reason that I’ve been purposefully less vocal (compared to some of my other projects) about the charity online…

Today however, I would like to announce the “launch” (and probably the wider, mainstream unveiling) of a brand new era for The Rockstar Foundation, which we’re also celebrating with a superb, new website.

Startup Mode

Since founding the Foundation, we have been very much in startup mode; similar to the kind of startups that I blog about on here regularly. For example: bootstrapping in our world has meant that I have been solely responsible for 95% of the funding of the Foundation and we’ve been fortunate that a handful of amazing peeps (I’ve thanked them here) have donated their skills to help us make the new website a reality.

Going forward, I’m very keen to explore the running of the Foundation as a startup and you can expect me to blog more about my experiences both here and over on the Foundation’s blog.

And if you maybe share our passion in terms of educating the leaders and history makers of tomorrow, we’d appreciate any kind of contribution.

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