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Adii Pienaar

Family man, seeker and learner. Revealing my inner-poet. 2X Founder: Conversio (acquired by Campaign Monitor) + WooCommerce (acquired by Automattic). Ex-Rockstar.

Being Impulsive

So I’m 25 years old now and one thing that will probably never change, is that fact that my first instinct is to act on my natural impulses, instead of taking my time, thinking things through and acting conservatively. That’s just how I am wired.

In business I’ve learned that this approach that this approach as just as many upsides to its downsides, and whilst the upsides are great, the downsides are equally shitty. As a result I’ve seriously considered trying to change my ways and become more conservative, but that really contradicts who I am as a person.

So I’m embracing it instead & will continue being impulsive for the foreseeable future. :)

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