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AE: Contributors Update #2

We're up to 25 contributors for Aboard Entrepreneurship. Meet the new additions:

  • Naveen Selvaduria, co-founder of Foursquare. Yep, that Foursquare which is growing at a massive rate. :) I'm sure that Naveen's experiences with Foursquare will be of immense value to the project.
  • Entrepreneur (twice) turned VC, Mark Suster. If you've read Mark's blog, you'll know that he's met enough entrepreneurs recently to share quite a bit of experience & knowledge.
  • Joe Gebbia, co-founder of much-hyped startup, Airbnb. Much like Naveen & Foursquare, Joe & his co-founders have experienced a big rise to fame recently with Airbnb and with their idea being so unique, Joe is sure to contribute some awesomeness to Aboard Entrepreneurship.
  • Entreprenuerial interviewer, Andrew Warner from Mixergy. I've been on Mixergy twice before and I always find their content (and Andrew's questions) so insightful. Andrew & I are planning something special here. :)
  • Chris Nagele from Wildbit. I love Wildbit, because I've personally used two of their products (Beanstalk and Postmark) and their experience in delivering multiple, successful web apps is most definitely invaluable.
  • Another startup which I'm a big fan of because I actually use them, is BuySellAds. So I'm also glad to announce that BuySellAds founder, Todd Garland, has agreed to join us.
  • Then there's two youngsters that I've personally been fascinated with: Mark Bao (who recently sold ThreeWords.Me for a substantial amount) and Daniel Brusilovsky (Teens in Tech).
  • Lastly, we've also added two more Saffa's to the list to give things a "Proudly South African" flavour: Vinny Lingham from Silicon Valley-based Yola and David Perel from Obox.

Pretty awesome imho. :)

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