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Child's Pose

Growing up may just be the original hamster wheel.

Demons are vermin

As I reflect on my own entrepreneurial journey, I do wonder whether a greater acceptance of this vermin in my house, would've helped me navigate some of the challenges I faced easier and in a way that mentally, emotionally and physically cost me less.

Packing For The Journey

Entrepreneurship shouldn't feel like jumping off a cliff and learning to build a plane on the way down. This mindset and acceptance of the status quo just creates unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Return On Me (ROM)

As I come up to the 6th anniversary of me leaving Woo, I can unequivocally say that my Return On Me during this period of my life has been incredible.

Magical Expression

Finding one’s magic is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack. Until you realise that all of it is you. And you are already magical.

Legacy and breadcrumbs

I write to leave breadcrumbs for my boys to retrace all the parts of me they perhaps never knew or saw or understood.

This is not the phoenix rising

When I have been still in the last couple of weeks, I've never heard the thoughts, ideas and questions louder. I have never been more curious about what could be next and felt more ambitious to reveal more of my truth in this universe.

We Crave Magic

It is the unexplained, unpredictable, unexpected occurrence or experience that blows our mind.

The Things That Never Change

My CV suggests I have accomplished a lot. Yet I find myself coming back to things that I have not yet achieved or experienced.