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Developing For Your Audience

I wrote an article over at WooThemes today titled "Fighting Code & User-Focused Development" in which I explain how the WooTeam has refined their methods to deliver code that is perfectly suited to their users.

My disclaimer should be that I haven't touched WooThemes code in almost 1.5 years now and 99% of the code that is in action in our products today is not my own. But I'm in a perfect position to comment about this, because I get to see things from all different angles: how users are using the themes, what they're complaining about etc, but I also understand what the team is doing and attempting with the code.

In my mind, the lesson here is really simple: produce products that are geared perfectly towards to audience to whom it is intended. Don't over-complicate things, just because you have the development skill to do so. Instead really put yourself in the shoes of the majority of your users and create something that's easy for them to use.

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