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Introducing CFOh!

Many of you don't know this, but I actually have a Honours degree in (traditional) management accounting & business strategy (yep, I studied to be an accountant before my own business started taking off). And whilst I'm not actively practicing the skills I picked up during my student years, I love being able to look at financial figures, understanding what I'm looking at and running a few metrics / analysis.

Yet, I only have one, "old-school" tool in my shed: Excel. We would however like to change that with the introduction of my new startup, CFOh!.

ForĀ CFOh!, I've spent a lot of time with Cobus (part of the Radiiate team), who studied with me, in taking the traditional financial metrics and tweaking them to the extent where their results would make sense to online startups / companies (regardless of whether you have a SaaS or digital product model).

We've put in an immense amount of time in getting our formulas and metrics in place. At the moment we're working on getting the MVP ready for private beta and would like to invite you to sign up on the site if you'd like to be part of the private beta. :)

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