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I took this photo a couple of weeks back whilst spending a couple of days on the family farm (my in-laws'), away from work and any kind of internet connectivity whatsoever. This obviously meant that I had to keep busy in some other way and photography is one of my most "manual", non-tech (??) like hobbies. So this photo is basically showcasing exactly the kind of experimentation I did at night, whilst enjoying a little braai & some quality red wine.

Night photography isn't something I do often (except when traveling) and especially not with a tripod, as I generally don't have one with me. I do however absolutely love this photo, as the clouds definitely have an ominous look about them and the contrast of the greens and purplish blues are amazing. Totally bummed of course that I chopped the top of the tree off, but that's how things go right!? :)

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