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Ep1 - Eliot Peper | Making Sense of the World through Storytelling

Eliot Peper is the author of nine novels. In his writing, he bends and blends traditional genres to explore the intersection of technology and culture. In this episode, we discuss the intersection of Eliot’s roles and storytelling, how forgetting can be a superpower, and the importance of labels.


What I didn't realise is how quickly homogeny compounds, unless of course there is a proactive and purposeful awareness of always creating or supporting the spaces for diverse individuals, voices and perspectives.


Just because we paid for something, does it mean we own it?

Intimate Assets

As much as we can study any subject extensively and do our 10 000 hours en route to mastery, it's a risky endeavour when we can't be intimate and comfortable with ourselves first.

Child's Pose

Growing up may just be the original hamster wheel.

Demons are vermin

As I reflect on my own entrepreneurial journey, I do wonder whether a greater acceptance of this vermin in my house, would've helped me navigate some of the challenges I faced easier and in a way that mentally, emotionally and physically cost me less.