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Promotional Leniency

This has been bugging me for ages now... Every time that we announce a promotion with a discount or sale of some kind on WooThemes, we get loads of e-mails like this:

I just purchased Product X at full price 2 weeks ago. Now I see you have a sale going on. If I had known, I would've waited to purchase it now instead. Can you refund the difference on that product?

So, we end up retroactively issuing partial discounts, because we choose to deliver the best possible customer experience. But I have a very different opinion about this...

If you purchased something for $100 last week, you did so because you believed that it was worth $100 to you. If it wasn't, you would not have spent the money. So yes, it sucks when you see the same product on sale a week later, but such is life. The important factor is that the value proposition hasn't changed though; even when buying the product at a discounted price, you still receive $100 in value.

Am I the only one that thinks this way?

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