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Removing Obstacles

This morning whilst washing the office's dishes (which have piled up significantly, since our cleaning lady is still on leave after the holidays), I was reminded of how seemingly insignificant obstacles sometimes result in more significant consequences. [1]

As CEO, I don't necessarily think that washing dishes is part of my "job description" and it doesn't carry any obvious priority in terms of things I need to get done today. Similarly, I could have just asked / commanded anyone in the office to get it done and that would be totally acceptable.

I mean, I am the CEO. Right?

I don't share this view though. My job (as CEO / Co-Founder / insert whatever "important" title here) isn't always glamorous and neither can I describe all my tasks with fancy corporate words like strategizing, business development or leveraging synergies. Instead, sometimes the best thing I can do in my business is the smallest, simplest thing; especially if that means I can remove obstacles for my team.

If I can spend 15 minutes removing an obstacle for my team and the rest of the team can cumulatively save a hour in happiness & subsequent productivity, then I'm winning, they're winning and WooThemes is winning.

Cleaning the dishes is insignificant, but if that means that everyone in the office can enjoy breakfast and a cup of coffee without having to clean dishes beforehand, then I've done my job well.

[1] This post is obviously not about washing dishes or me washing the dishes. ;)

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