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Online in the Wild

I'm 26 years old now and ever since I can remember, computers have been billed as "the next big thing" in the way that we will integrate it with our daily lives. And so it has too; computers are being used by more people, doing more different things

A Gulf of Difference

AirBnB just announced a whopping new funding deal worth $112 million. Sheesh. What do you do with $112 million? I come from a bootstrapped background and I've never been close to seeing anything like that kind of money in my own business (not even on wishful projections or targets), so

Creating Value

After reading this article about Airbnb’s success, there was one bit from the article that really got me thinking: “…a company that creates immensely more value than it extracts from customers…” Reading & re-reading that phrase really got me thinking about how other business