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In Flux

Celebrating the birth of my son [], obviously hasn't brought enough "newness" to my life lately with a bunch of exciting things happening elsewhere too. Heck, when it rains it pours. One of my ambitions this year has been to step up my angel investing

Angel Fears

A couple of weeks ago I joined AngelList hoping to get into the angel investment scene and diversify my own business interests (as well as meeting new people and having stimulating / challenging business conversations about their work). I've had a couple of introductions to startups which I thought had some

Getting Into Angel Investing

I've stated a couple of times in the last year that I'd love to get into the angel investment space and I'm proud to announce that we've (I'm doing this with my wife, Jeanne []) made our first investment in Bella Vita Interiors [

Investing based on gut feel

I'd add"it takes money to make money". If you can't de-risk such an early stage startup, then we're basically talking about gambling to some extent. Yes social proof works well and gut feel (based on experience) works too, but many of these type of investments won't work out. I

On Angel Investing

So as I’ve mentioned before, I’m really keen to do some angel / seed investing [] (via iincubate, which will also fall under the radiiate umbrella) in the future and as a result I’ve been following quite a few influential peeps in that