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We Are The App Store

I just think this again illustrates that community is important and that every company always run the risk of pissing their community off. I guess the only strategy in this regard is to actually listen.

Apple's Success

Deciding on a strategy (irrespective of the complexity) is extremely hard. Sticking to it with “unwavering dedication” is even harder - especially when the going gets tough. See, in the good times, it’s pretty easy to sit back and be content with one’s existing strategy, because there’s

Camera+ earns $250k+ in sales in first month

This post by tap tap tap again just underlines why so many developers are flocking to the iPhone, as it is a massive market. Any digital business that can earn $250k in only its first month, will be truly happy by that return!

Apple Order #fail

Courtesy of Apple, I now have two cases for the iPads that will take 2.5 weeks to be delivered to me.