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Growing My Audience

In the last couple of weeks, I've been making a real effort to blog more, tweet more and generally just be more visible online. I've just been aiming to do more personal brand building. To achieve this, I had targeted two areas which needed serious improvement: 1. I need to

Greater Purposes

In my inbox this morning was the latest newsletter from Hiten Shah [], which is part of a series of newsletters (if it can be called that) in which Hiten is sharing his experiences as an entrepreneur. This morning's topic was how brands need a greater purpose to


Ever wonder why supposed & so-called experts are still getting all the kudo’s, when the internet should have democratized these “privileges” & opportunities? Well, as frustrating as it is, experts still rule all the niches and it’s down to better self-marketing & branding to get into those spaces. Here’s a

Self Promotion

As a firm believer in self-promotion and a keen thinker on the dynamics involved with building one’s personal brand, I really loved this post.

Startup Names

Thomas’ views seem to be similar to those of 37Signals with which I disagreed about recently []. So whilst I can again see value in this argument, I still maintain that a shitty name will get you nowhere in terms of branding and / or marketing;

Product Names are Brands too!

Read this article by the 37Signals folks [] and whilst I agree with them 99% of the time, I’m just not feeling very agreeable today… See, I can agree that an obsession over a product name isn’t worthwhile as that time could be

Personal (E-mail) Branding

Every time I get to sign off on an e-mail using ‘Adii’, I value that as an exercise of personal branding. The more prominent I can make my own brand and the wider the audience that gets exposed to the brand / word ‘Adii’, the more valuable my personal brand becomes.

Shameless Self-Marketing

If you follow me [] online, you’d know that I’ve never been afraid of promoting and building my own personal brand. Considering that I’ve managed to dub myself as first the WordPress Rockstar and now just as Adii Rockstar, I think I’ve been