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Executing an idea, means monetizing that idea

I read the above quote by Sarah Prevette in a post about how failures in startups serves to make founders stronger [] (and enable them to potentially move on to bigger & better projects). I've read a lot of different opinions about monetization online and whilst

Huge Assets

And this is just another reason why the world is in recession and people are struggling to pay off debts. Cash is king.

Idea: Build Campaign Monitor

I know this is something that many VC’s & startup founders have spoken about, but Campaign Monitor’s story again highlights that if you’re building something to solve a problem that you have, you are most likely also solving a problem that others may have. WooThemes - for example

Facebook Taking It All

Interesting take on social networking and the power of Facebook. I tend to agree though, as there will also be power & viability when a bunch of niche users ( doesn’t matter exactly how niche) comes together and shares around a mutual interest. It really comes down to the question: How

Freemium Backlash

I fully understand the negativity though, because not many people have been able to make this model work for them. It is high-risk (due to the volumes needed to make it work) and it is thus an extremely tricky model to execute properly. Personally, I’m just glad my business

(no title)

WOW - powerful words these, but I tend to want to throw my whole weight behind this: before we started WooThemes, everyone questioned the viability of selling (supposedly) premium themes, when users could already download thousands of different themes for free. Well, 2+ years down the line (and some serious

Emerging Innovation

I believe that the buzz word in this article either has to go to dreaming or innovating, with the innovating most probably a result of the dreaming that takes place before. As simple as that: Dream up a new business model that adds value at the right price and go

Introducing Dribbble

Having been a beta tester at Dribbble for the last couple of months, I’ve been very impressed by what Dan & Rich have built and the above paragraph illustrates perfectly (in my opinion anyway) why Dribbble has been such a success.

Client Work (Part 1)

Ever since WooThemes established itself to such an extent that I could earn enough money from it to make a living thereof, I (Magnus & Mark made similar decisions with regards to their freelance activities) decided to call it a day for doing client work (which is why more than a