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Knocking on Doors

I believe that one of the biggest reasons that I've been successful at a relatively young age as an entrepreneur, has been my determination in simply knocking on as many doors as possible, until someone actually opens the door. Gary Vaynerchuck would call this "hustling your face off" and that's

Work With People Better Than Yourself

I'm limited. My skills are finite. Regardless of how many new things I learn, my skills set is not limitless. This obviously means that there is only a limited number of things in my life that I will be truly good at. Some skills I may be able to enhance

Delegate or die: the self-employed trap.

I found this article so incredibly valuable, purely because this has been something that I've always struggled with. Running & co-owning 2 companies for 3+ years now, you'd think that I'd be able to delegate with my eyes closed, yet that's not close to the truth... In both companies, we have

Becoming a Team of Individual Specialists

The first in a new series of posts that will aim to share the lessons we have learned from running and building WooThemes in the last 3 years. One of our biggest successes have been in building an incredible team. We're only 9 team members, yet we serve a community

Apple's Success

Deciding on a strategy (irrespective of the complexity) is extremely hard. Sticking to it with “unwavering dedication” is even harder - especially when the going gets tough. See, in the good times, it’s pretty easy to sit back and be content with one’s existing strategy, because there’s


When building a business: add value as much as you can, give your customers an incredible experience with your company & brand, be sincere in your marketing efforts and authentic about earning a profit off of their willingness to spend money with you.

Going Back, Changing Stuff

Based on this question [] about going back & changing decisions we made at WooThemes; is there anything that you would want to change with your startup / business if you had the opportunity to do it over again? Any regrets?

Adding Up Basic Maths

Quite enjoyed Khoi’s candid & transparent review of how well Basic Maths has sold thus far, as there is not a lot of this type of data going around. I also particularly liked his opinion on this: > But themes don’t move that strongly, or at least this one doesn’