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Review: 37Signals' Rework

Nice little review of 37Singals’ new book, Rework. Also nice to see how other like-minded peeps are integrating their thinking into their own businesses (which makes me helluva “jealous” that I’m not 37Signals haha)…

Get Some Customer Service

Also being in a business where support is a pretty important day-to-day task, I totally understand where Sam is coming from with this post. He’s got some nice ideas in there as well!

First to Market

In the extremely agile online world, there seems to be a premium placed on getting to market first with a new feature or product. But I’d like to contest the viability and probably the suitability of that premium, since I don’t believe that it’s crucial to be

Pulling The Plug on Bad Customers

The title to this post probably sounds a little cynical, considering the well-travelled business mantra that “the customer is always right”, but I’d really like to challenge that point of view in the business environment. As a company grows, the user- / customer-base normally grows as well and the increased

Building Empires

Most entrepreneurs seem to be keen to develop & establish their brands as umbrella’s for a whole business empire, in that they grow the company both horizontally & vertically. Whilst this may not be on every startup’s radar, the more established a business becomes, the bigger the need seems to

Too Fancy

I’ve been shopping around for bigger office space (since both WooThemes and Radiiate has been growing immensely) in the last couple of days, when I came to a realization that I was trying to be too fancy here. See, when I started out (with Premium News Themes, which became

Prepare to Work Hard

I constantly get this feeling that other people tend to think that what I have achieved has been a fluke of some kind and that I have thus been extremely lucky to have gotten as far as I have until now. This is even evident in my own dad’s