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One Percent Project: One Final Push

Since launching the One Percent Project almost a month ago today, we've managed to get the project to 84% funding with all of your amazing help. For that, I'd like to thank you sincerely on behalf of the whole Radiiate & Rockstar Foundation team; without your help this would not

One Percent Project

Having teased this little project last week, I'm so excited to launch it: The One Percent Project. All of us uses our computers all day long and I bet that most of us normally can't wait to upgrade our computer setups to the latest tech (rewarding ourselves for our hard

1% Teaser

A little teaser for a new project launching next week, as a result of a collaboration between Radiiate & Rockstar Foundation. (You can also see more teasers here.)

Rockstar Foundation V2: Upcoming

I know I've been really quiet with regards to the things we're working on at the Foundation, but it is really a result of being a terribly busy patch of my life (which doesn't look likely to stop before end-of-year). That said, I'm excited as ever about the Foundation and

RSF: Donation Match

I’m trying to drum up a little support for The Rockstar Foundation with a bit of a challenge that everyone that follows me: I’ll match every $1 that is donated to the Foundation for the rest of the month. Take me up on that.

KIKI Photography

I love supporting great projects (as is evidenced with my involvement in The Rockstar Foundation) and I love this even more when friends of mine are involved. The project I’ve linked to above - KIKI (in development) - was started by Christine Meintjes who has an amazing passion


I’ve often wondered whether anyone else considered why I would be involved with a charity such as The Rockstar Foundation, as perhaps the business / entrepreneur persona versus the charitable / giving persona weren’t as obviously aligned. So I figured that I’d share a few reasons

Giveaway @ Rockstar Foundation

We’re trying something new over at The Rockstar Foundation: creating a fun giveaway to hopefully generate some more donations and take the foundation closer to sustainability. What do you think of it?

KillSpill Promo

4 awesome companies doing some awesome work. Help out!

The Startup Charity

Towards the end of 2009, I founded a charity to fund the education of exceptionally talented, but disadvantaged, girls in South Africa and in the months since then, we’ve done a lot of work in getting our structures in place to ensure that our first 2 girls are