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I'm not a MailChimp customer, but...

I've always been a firm believer in supporting companies and brands based not on the mistakes they make, but on the way they rectify those mistakes. That in my opinion has always delivered that lasting impression which gets my brand loyalty & commitment going. Well-known publisher, GigaOM, had a case of

Straining Your Own Support

Part of our massive overhaul of the WooThemes Dashboard [] last month, was to improve our support structures. Our aim is to deliver customer happiness & we felt that beyond the obvious willingness to do so, our structures needed to be better. So we improved

The Weight of a Title

I don't really believe in titles within company context much and to this extent we've avoided using titles over at WooThemes [] . But I recently realized that sometimes a title of sorts does become valuable. In the last couple of weeks, I've been speaking to

Companies & Bullshit Excuses

If there's one thing that I've been tolerating less & less in recent years, it's the bullshit excuses that companies sometimes offer up, disguised as customer service. Let me explain with a recent experience: > Two days ago, I quickly stop at the little shopping center on my way home after work

Most Customers Don't Give 2nd Chances

I recently ran an extensive user survey at WooThemes to get some validation for ideas that we were toying with for a new marketing strategy. One of the aims of the new strategy is to increase customer lifetime value (and related metrics such as user engagement & user retention), and so


I absolute love the new Smiley [] campaign that 37Signals has implemented to track (and publicize) their customer satisfaction. Absolutely genuis! In a recent article [], they also share some insight into the data that they aren't publishing and the analysis makes