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The Value of Customer Testimonials

Everyone knows that word-of-mouth marketing represents a significant competitive & business value. Such is this value that word-of-mouth & viral marketing has almost become an exact science in recent years. Customer testimonials forms a big part of such a marketing strategy and this evidenced by almost every online product / service's

Companies & Bullshit Excuses

If there's one thing that I've been tolerating less & less in recent years, it's the bullshit excuses that companies sometimes offer up, disguised as customer service. Let me explain with a recent experience: Two days ago, I quickly stop at the little shopping center on my way home after

Failing Fast & Failing Publicly

On Monday we launched a brand-new user dashboard at WooThemes (which felt like suicide at the time) and it's not been without the expected launch bugs. I've learnt in the last 3 days that the best way to fail is to fail fast & fail publicly. Since launch, I've been

Avoid Customer Feedback Before Version 1.0

The Lean Startup approach to creating new business has become massively popular amongst online entrepreneurs for one reason: it works. The Lean Startup methodology with regards to customer development (broadly) dictates that we can create better products (and thus business) through continuous learning via being in constant contact with our

Am I being irrational?

I'd like to share a recent exchange I had with a customer: Customer notes to us that he is struggling to achieve something with our product. We explain that this is currently a limitation, but immediately update & release a new version of the product to help the customer achieve

Solving Problems the WooThemes Way

I was a guest on the WordPress Community Podcast last night and had a lot of fun with the show’s hosts, Joost de Valk & Frederick Townes. We discussed a lot of the strategies & “policies” that we have implemented with WooThemes; especially with regards to