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Crash Test (Woo) Dummy

You'll see that this is the 3rd design that I'm featuring here in the last couple of weeks and it's only significant, because they've all been WooThemes (currently running Crisp []). I fully intend on having the Radiiate team create something custom & awesome for

The Designer Startup

The video from the “The Designer Startup” talk at DIBI in April. (Slides here.) []

WooThemes Inspire

Inspire [] is the awesome new business theme from WooThemes.


Some more great content right up the alley [] which I’ve been researching of late.

Back Buttons

This makes a lot of sense and the trick is probably in having a great conversion rate from those “random” visitors to your website; if you can engage a good percentage of those beyond one click / visit, then you have a chance of converting them to users.

EECI2010 Slides

Preview of my slides for EECI2010 [].

The Three Ways That Good Design Makes You Happy

Doing some research work on “designing a user experience” and stumbled onto this amazing TED talk by Don Norman. Do watch “The Three Ways That Good Design Makes You Happy”.

Modern Recipes

This is how recipes should look! []

How to Bootstrap

Ooh, @pasql [] brings some of his sexy design style to @spencerfry []’s blog on his latest article. []