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@FRESH01 does KIKI

Awesome design work by @FRESH01 (I’ve also seen the full website, which is amazing) and a great new project by my friend & photographer-extraordinaire, @cmeintjes.

DIBI Slide

Above is one of my slides from my talk titled “The Designer Startup” at DIBI last week. I’ve also uploaded my whole presentation on Slideshare if you wanted to take a peek and @gavinelliott has promised to have a video of my talk up soonish. @JohnONolan

Gowalla iPad

nikf: Gowalla’s iPad App looks stunning. So hot!

Designers vs Doctors

In my mind, there’s a simple answer here: design will always be subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When I go to a lawyer to solve a legal problem, I trust them to solve it, because I know nothing about the legalities involved. But

Newness from Radiiate

The latest project from the newly incarnated (and out-of-hibernation) crew at radiiate.

Coke Redesign

Awesome, *square* redesign of the Coke bottle.

Web Trend Map

davidkaneda: iA has announced Big Bang, the next version of their excellent Web Trend Map. The Web Trend Map is a data visualization of prominent web content and interconnections. This year, they are introducing Twitter and Facebook into the mix — check out their post to see exactly how the data