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The Sky is the Limit

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my personal ambitions on how so many revolves around being an entrepreneur and being involved in business(es). In my attempts of figuring out why entrepreneurship is such an integral part of who I am, I realized that there's one aspect of

The Problem with Ideas

I think most would agree that ideas are just a multiplier of execution [], and that just having an idea for a new startup isn't sufficient to actually get started or be successful. Neither does it make you an entrepreneur. I have however recently come across quite

Entrepreneurship & Making Money

Reading through Ben's post [], from which I've extracted the above quote, I found myself nodding in agreement to most of what he said. The quote above made me stop reading though and I found myself unsure of whether I actually believed that.

Entrepreneurs Need a Healthy Dose of Arrogance

I don't know Elon Musk and I've certainly not agreed with him [] in the past. Reading the above quote though brings a smile to my face, because every entrepreneur needs a healthy dose of arrogance to be successful. I'm not talking about the arrogance

Dating Skills vs Entrepreneurial Skills

Conundrum indeed. Luckily though that means we can harness Jason's skills and insight for Aboard Entrepreneurship [] instead.

Working Reason

From following me here, you would know that I’d recommend being an entrepreneur (and hence your own boss) on most occasions. But what I’ve learned is that there are simply some people who don’t want to go that route and I’ve realized that, that too is

Running a startup is great; Growing a business is boring

Enjoyed this post, as it describes closely how I see myself as well in terms of loving startup life so much that I’m keen to do new, cool stuff going forward. For now though, I’m ecstatic at the journey that WooThemes is affording me! :)