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Startup Quote

startupquote []: > Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once. - Drew Houston Hopefully my “once” was WooThemes []. :)

Why the fascination with $1bn businesses?

I’ve been listening to many business people of late and I’m astounded that there is this obsession to great massive businesses that are worth multiple billion dollars. I don’t know about you, but even though I’m a firm believer in capitalism, as well as being a

Life After My Day Job… How I Monetized My Passion

I loved reading @jschuller []’s about his journey from a full-time job to being self-employed. I remember watching with keen interest when he started out in the WordPress community and it’s been a blast seeing the awesome stuff that he has been releasing. What’s

Founding CEO's

I’d just like to believe that if it was your idea to start with, you are best equipped to actually implementing that idea. You may need to surround yourself with great people (that contributes specific skills that you may not have), but you will always have the best vision

When Hard Work Ain't Really Work

Last week I was able to write a really long piece on being prepared to work hard []. For my 3rd Project 52 post [], I’d like to expand my thoughts on the matter of hard work and would like

Prepare to Work Hard

I constantly get this feeling that other people tend to think that what I have achieved has been a fluke of some kind and that I have thus been extremely lucky to have gotten as far as I have until now. This is even evident in my own dad’s