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Yesterday is I was watching the interest and buzz grow for Aboard Entrepreneurship, I realized that a year ago it would've been impossible for me to launch a project like this. This is obviously not an exact science (as I don't have actual evidence to prove this), but if I

Jason Baptiste

The new site we did for friend, startup founder and writer extraordinaire, Jason Baptiste.

KIKI Photography

I love supporting great projects (as is evidenced with my involvement in The Rockstar Foundation) and I love this even more when friends of mine are involved. The project I’ve linked to above - KIKI (in development) - was started by Christine Meintjes who has an amazing passion

@FRESH01 does KIKI

Awesome design work by @FRESH01 (I’ve also seen the full website, which is amazing) and a great new project by my friend & photographer-extraordinaire, @cmeintjes.