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Slowing Down

As we'd all expect: having a new baby changes your life. I guess that bit was expected for me and I kinda settled into my own comfort zone of perceptions during Jeanne's pregnancy last year. What I didn't expect is how this would completely change me. I'm typing this with

Swings: Bolivia at TEDx Brisbane

I just watched the above talk by Jeff Waldman about Swings: Bolivia, the project that I backed on Kickstarter and turned out to absolutely love []! In this 20-minute talk, Jeff just talks about their experiences leading up to Swings: Bolivia and then also all

Swing Life Away

[caption id="attachment_1157530480" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="My swing hung in Cioroco, Bolivia. Click to zoom & see my inscription."] [][/caption] A couple of weeks ago I backed the Swings: Bolivia [] project on

Entrepreneurship & Making Money

Reading through Ben's post [], from which I've extracted the above quote, I found myself nodding in agreement to most of what he said. The quote above made me stop reading though and I found myself unsure of whether I actually believed that.

On Defining Success

I woke up this morning thinking about how blessed I am to actually love my job [!/adii/status/96100450822127616]. That thought process led me to think about success and how I - in the context of being an entrepreneur - define success for myself. From the top

We're Pregnant!

Life changes so quickly... I can finally (publicly) share that Jeanne & I are 9 weeks pregnant and expecting our baby later this year. We've known for a couple of weeks, but waited for our first doctor's appointment before sharing the news with the world. Heck, to say that the last

One Hit Wonder

I have often wondered what defines me as an entrepreneur: Is it the fact that I've managed to co-found a genuinely successful and profitable company (WooThemes)? Or the fact that I've tried my hand at quite a few other projects and ideas along the way? Can I be considered successful

I'm Emo

I just read this great post - "When you want to quit because it’s just not worth it" [] - about how it's generally pretty shitty being an entrepreneur if you consider all of the emotional ups & downs you have to endure. As I

Speaking Gigs

So following up on this tweet about my upcoming international travels, I have to say that there’s only two words to describe my current emotion: surreal & blessed. At the beginning of the year I set myself the goal of speaking at, at least 3 international conferences. Up until now