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Running Happiness

I spoke about my addiction to running yesterday and here’s the girl that has inspired all of that. Thanks love!

Addictive Running

Recently I’ve been pretty addicted to running (which isn’t this type of “business” addiction that I normally exercise) and I can’t get enough it. I completed my second half marathon over the weekend and since I’ve started running at the


I’ve often wondered whether anyone else considered why I would be involved with a charity such as The Rockstar Foundation, as perhaps the business / entrepreneur persona versus the charitable / giving persona weren’t as obviously aligned. So I figured that I’d share a few reasons

Working Reason

From following me here, you would know that I’d recommend being an entrepreneur (and hence your own boss) on most occasions. But what I’ve learned is that there are simply some people who don’t want to go that route and I’ve realized


I love this girl! So much happiness captured in these shots!

Regular Writing

I’ve taught myself 3 new disciplines this year: exercising, eating healthy & actually blogging. Quite happy to say that Cameron’s advice in this regard is spot-on and it has been the routine of doing stuff that I both enjoy & know are beneficial to me that

To Do

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve really been bogged down by what I consider to be a biggish to-do list. I don’t think that I’m unique in this and most of you too would have similar or even bigger to do lists. My

Life After My Day Job… How I Monetized My Passion

I loved reading @jschuller’s about his journey from a full-time job to being self-employed. I remember watching with keen interest when he started out in the WordPress community and it’s been a blast seeing the awesome stuff that he has been releasing. What’s even

The Life of a Startup Founder’s Significant Other

WOW! This post really resounded with me just now and it kinda struck a nerve or seven. I’ve been very blessed since meeting Jeanne, in the way she has been super supportive of my mind being overworked at all times figuring out the way forward for the various