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What's the value of an idea?

Not much apparently. Consider some of these trends: * We're generally in agreement that the value of an idea resides in the execution of the idea []. * Pivoting within startups [] is so in-vogue at the moment. How many startups are

The "run-of-the-mill", "not-so-ambitious" Startup Idea

I read Paul Graham's latest essay - "Frighteningly Ambitious Startup Ideas" [] - over the weekend and found myself wondering how many prospective startup founders were lapping up his every word. Heck, I found myself thinking nostalgically about solving some of the world's biggest problems and

The Problem with Ideas

I think most would agree that ideas are just a multiplier of execution [], and that just having an idea for a new startup isn't sufficient to actually get started or be successful. Neither does it make you an entrepreneur. I have however recently come across quite

Time, Priorities & Low-hanging Fruit

I had a meeting with friends - Iaan [!/iaanvn] & Christine [!/cmeintjes] - this afternoon about where they're going with some of their projects in 2011 and found myself repeating some advice to them that I've been implementing myself recently. Here's the problem we all