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Tweets like this [!/spinzer/status/42655478546829312] makes everything so much more worthwhile. :)


WooThemes [] is a predominately B2B business. We sell products to people that use them in their own businesses or for their personal projects; most of which has a direct or indirect focus on generating a financial return of some kind. So whilst we have a pretty diverse

Sam Brown on Competition

Having never been overly worried about the competition [], I absolutely love the ideas behind Endorse and I salute Sam + Mike for creating something really cool. I think that it takes big balls to be able to recommend similarly talented people to yourself and I

Optimization vs Creation

Mmmm… Had to re-read this a few times before it started to make some sense - to me anyway. Recently we’ve (Woo) been *very* busy trying to figure out how we can streamline our business, increase value for our users and as a result we have probably created a

Ambition is hard work

Ambition & hard work goes hand-in-hand. One of the main reasons for my success thus far (and also for WooThemes), is the fact that we’ve never been afraid to work hard. Anyone disagree?

Growing Within

This is how we’ve evolved & revolutionized the WooTeam, whilst all the time growing organically and growing from within our own company. In my opinion this definitely shows that it is even possible to bootstrap and grow your team organically; no expensive headhunting or massive teams needed. This strategy also