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This makes a lot of sense and the trick is probably in having a great conversion rate from those “random” visitors to your website; if you can engage a good percentage of those beyond one click / visit, then you have a chance of converting them to users.


Only caught onto this now, after reading some of 37Signals’ unique thoughts on the matter []. Interesting idea nonetheless… In their own words: > “…the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network…” Do we need another social networking platform? Maybe not. Can they

Android vs iPhone

Android vs Iphone [](viahiten []) LOL. Missing Flash. Get it?

Pageview Pumping

Is pageviews even considered to be a business model these?

Real People

WOW! In recent months I’ve really been loving Derek’s writing and this post is no different. I deal with a variety of people on a daily basis (online) and have been insulted on so many occasions (mostly irrationally so), that I sometimes wonder whether the people doing the