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This makes a lot of sense and the trick is probably in having a great conversion rate from those “random” visitors to your website; if you can engage a good percentage of those beyond one click / visit, then you have a chance of converting them to users.


Only caught onto this now, after reading some of 37Signals’ unique thoughts on the matter. Interesting idea nonetheless… In their own words: “…the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network…” Do we need another social networking platform? Maybe not. Can they

Android vs iPhone

Android vs Iphone (via hiten) LOL. Missing Flash. Get it?

Pageview Pumping

Is pageviews even considered to be a business model these?

Real People

WOW! In recent months I’ve really been loving Derek’s writing and this post is no different. I deal with a variety of people on a daily basis (online) and have been insulted on so many occasions (mostly irrationally so), that I sometimes wonder whether the people