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Funding "No-Idea" Founders

A lot has been written about Y Combinator's decision to allow founders to apply to the program without necessarily having an idea []. I think Vinicius Vacanti's opinion [] is mostly spot-on and summarized well with this quote: > "And, so

Money Makes Money

I read Ben Horowitz' post about their investment in Instagram that made them a 312x return, turning a $250k investment into $78m []. Most people would regard that as a shrewd business decision on Andreessen Horowitz' part, but I think it actually comes down

In Flux

Celebrating the birth of my son [], obviously hasn't brought enough "newness" to my life lately with a bunch of exciting things happening elsewhere too. Heck, when it rains it pours. One of my ambitions this year has been to step up my angel investing

Web App Tips

If you’re building a web app, you can’t not take this advice from one of the top tech investors right now.

Too Fancy

I’ve been shopping around for bigger office space (since both WooThemes and Radiiate has been growing immensely) in the last couple of days, when I came to a realization that I was trying to be too fancy here. See, when I started out (with Premium News Themes, which became