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V1 Release, 24 Hours & 7000+ Users

24 hours after yesterday's V1 release of our new product, WooDojo, [] and we have more than 7000 users already. I wanted to share some insight into how we managed to achieve this... Not only was this a major victory for the team [http:

The Value of Customer Testimonials

Everyone knows that word-of-mouth marketing represents a significant competitive & business value. Such is this value that word-of-mouth & viral marketing has almost become an exact science in recent years. Customer testimonials forms a big part of such a marketing strategy and this evidenced by almost every online product / service's homepage where

The Weight of a Title

I don't really believe in titles within company context much and to this extent we've avoided using titles over at WooThemes [] . But I recently realized that sometimes a title of sorts does become valuable. In the last couple of weeks, I've been speaking to

Most Customers Don't Give 2nd Chances

I recently ran an extensive user survey at WooThemes to get some validation for ideas that we were toying with for a new marketing strategy. One of the aims of the new strategy is to increase customer lifetime value (and related metrics such as user engagement & user retention), and so

Marketing is Everyone's Responsibility

I'm the business guy over at WooThemes and a big part of my "job" is making sure that our marketing is firing on all cylinders. Taking care of the marketing for such a big business takes it toll, especially when you consider the amount of time it takes to interact

Hype & Signing up like sheep

Before going to bed last night, I noticed quite a bit of chatter & linking to this beautifully crafted landing page [] (also pictured above). Most of the chatter centered around what this could be, yet that seemingly quickly faded in favour of how sexy the design (erm, lady)

The Problem with Mainstream Tech Media

I stumbled onto PunchTab [] yesterday and was immediately intrigued by the product. So as an entrepreneur interested in learning as much as I can, it's an obvious decision to click through the blog where I find a cool-sounding article: "Hacking PR: How we got PunchTab on

Great Success in the Minor Victories

I just finished answering a handful of WooThemes support e-mails and realized that one of the reasons for WooThemes' significant growth & success has been our focus on the minor victories. See, I could've left those e-mails unanswered for a couple of answers and then Ryan (our Community Manager) would wake

More Community

We've just hired [] our 10th member of the WooTeam: Ryan Ray [] who will be our new Community Manager. For me, this has been a natural progression of having a community that now exceeds 45k registered users and also reinforces

A Better Mousetrap

Haha, I had to laugh at this, but only because it’s both funny and true. See, the world is only willing to reward innovation if they know about it and if they get a sense that the masses will do the same. People (in the context of society / groups)