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Ever wonder why supposed & so-called experts are still getting all the kudo’s, when the internet should have democratized these “privileges” & opportunities? Well, as frustrating as it is, experts still rule all the niches and it’s down to better self-marketing & branding to get into those spaces. Here’s a

WooThemes Testimonial

I absolutely *love* it when users are this complimentary about what we’re doing at WooThemes. Nothing markets like word of mouth from passionate & happy users.

Self Promotion

As a firm believer in self-promotion and a keen thinker on the dynamics involved with building one’s personal brand, I really loved this post.

Contrasting Experiences as a Customer

I recently had two distinctly different experiences as a customer with two brands / companies that I interact with quite often. In both cases, I had a really bad experience in the customer service that we (@Jeanne_Vos [] & I) got and suffice to say, wasn’t

Product Names are Brands too!

Read this article by the 37Signals folks [] and whilst I agree with them 99% of the time, I’m just not feeling very agreeable today… See, I can agree that an obsession over a product name isn’t worthwhile as that time could be

No Space for Complacency

One thing that I’ve learned over and over again of late is that there is absolutely no space for compromise & complacency when dealing with customers. These are the people that makes your business a success and they ensure that you are able to pay the bills; so never -

App Marketing

This is exactly the same approach we follow at WooThemes and whilst we try to keep teasers / teasing / hyping to a minimum, I can definitely vouch for the fact that our conversions and the conversations are much better and more valuable from before. So if you’re not doing this

Personal (E-mail) Branding

Every time I get to sign off on an e-mail using ‘Adii’, I value that as an exercise of personal branding. The more prominent I can make my own brand and the wider the audience that gets exposed to the brand / word ‘Adii’, the more valuable my personal brand becomes.