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First to Market

In the extremely agile online world, there seems to be a premium placed on getting to market first with a new feature or product. But I’d like to contest the viability and probably the suitability of that premium, since I don’t believe that it’s crucial to be

Pulling The Plug on Bad Customers

The title to this post probably sounds a little cynical, considering the well-travelled business mantra that “the customer is always right”, but I’d really like to challenge that point of view in the business environment. As a company grows, the user- / customer-base normally grows as well and the increased

Educate; Then Market

> “If you’re customers (existing or prospective) do not understand what you are telling them; everything you say will purely be marketing speak.” I wrote that bit down recently as I was contemplating additions & tweaks to WooThemes and realized that as marketers we have an integral part to play in

Shameless Self-Marketing

If you follow me [] online, you’d know that I’ve never been afraid of promoting and building my own personal brand. Considering that I’ve managed to dub myself as first the WordPress Rockstar and now just as Adii Rockstar, I think I’ve been