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The Problem with Mainstream Tech Media

I stumbled onto PunchTab [] yesterday and was immediately intrigued by the product. So as an entrepreneur interested in learning as much as I can, it's an obvious decision to click through the blog where I find a cool-sounding article: "Hacking PR: How we got PunchTab on

The Local Media Radar

So the local media radar (in South Africa) has been something that I’ve found relatively hard to crack, which has been somewhat surprising considering the success of WooThemes, which I helped to co-found. This is even more surprising if you consider that there aren’t many tech startups originating

Advertising No-No

I had to have a bit of a LOL at this, because let’s face it: the only startups that seem to be featured and hyped these days, are those that have millions of users or are running their way through some significant chunks of VC funding. Where are the