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Money Makes Money

I read Ben Horowitz' post about their investment in Instagram that made them a 312x return, turning a $250k investment into $78m []. Most people would regard that as a shrewd business decision on Andreessen Horowitz' part, but I think it actually comes down

Entrepreneurship & Making Money

Reading through Ben's post [], from which I've extracted the above quote, I found myself nodding in agreement to most of what he said. The quote above made me stop reading though and I found myself unsure of whether I actually believed that.

A Gulf of Difference

AirBnB just announced a whopping new funding deal worth $112 million. [] Sheesh. What do you do with $112 million? I come from a bootstrapped background and I've never been close to seeing anything like that kind of money in my own

DHH Inspiration

Can’t believe I only had the time to watch this now. So superbly inspirational!