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Money Makes Money

I read Ben Horowitz' post about their investment in Instagram that made them a 312x return, turning a $250k investment into $78m. Most people would regard that as a shrewd business decision on Andreessen Horowitz' part, but I think it actually comes down to money making money. Andreessen Horowitz has

Entrepreneurship & Making Money

Reading through Ben's post, from which I've extracted the above quote, I found myself nodding in agreement to most of what he said. The quote above made me stop reading though and I found myself unsure of whether I actually believed that. Why did I consider myself an entrepreneur? Did

A Gulf of Difference

AirBnB just announced a whopping new funding deal worth $112 million. Sheesh. What do you do with $112 million? I come from a bootstrapped background and I've never been close to seeing anything like that kind of money in my own business (not even on wishful projections or targets), so

DHH Inspiration

Can’t believe I only had the time to watch this now. So superbly inspirational!