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Courtesy & Answering Your E-mail

For every e-mail that gets sent, there's an inbox that probably can't handle yet another mail. Cue the hipster trying to explain this "phenomenon": "I just get so much mail; I really can't answer all of them.", "So sorry if I missed your mail, but I get hundreds each day

Post Types

I make a consistent effort to post different media types on Tumblr, even though I’d mostly only ever post notes, quotes & links. But having different types of media on the page just looks so much better… :)

Going Back, Changing Stuff

Based on this question [] about going back & changing decisions we made at WooThemes; is there anything that you would want to change with your startup / business if you had the opportunity to do it over again? Any regrets?

Why the fascination with $1bn businesses?

I’ve been listening to many business people of late and I’m astounded that there is this obsession to great massive businesses that are worth multiple billion dollars. I don’t know about you, but even though I’m a firm believer in capitalism, as well as being a

Stuff Compensation

Interesting theory this: working for tangible stuff instead of money.

Sell Your Startup

First off: I’m a massive believer in growing one’s own ideas and it would thus be a very hard decision for me to ever even consider selling one of my companies. We had concrete interest in WooThemes in the past for example, but to this day we have

Life Alignment

In recent months - especially since the beginning of the year - I’ve found that the more I align my passions & the things that generally makes me happy in my life, the more I tend to be productive, inspired, motivated & just content. Now this probably seems obvious & trivial, but

Building Empires

Most entrepreneurs seem to be keen to develop & establish their brands as umbrella’s for a whole business empire, in that they grow the company both horizontally & vertically. Whilst this may not be on every startup’s radar, the more established a business becomes, the bigger the need seems to

Switching to Tumblr

I’ve been enjoying my tumbling content on here ever since I switched to this design (which is built on a standalone install of WordPress) late last year. To be honest though, considering that I was situated alone on my own island, my tumblog content was never gonna have the


I’ve been looking at my life in the wrong way. Everything I’ve been aiming to implement in terms of my workflow, productivity, emotional well-being, happiness, ambition etc. have been within the average context of the rest of the world. Why haven’t I gone about this in a