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Work With People Better Than Yourself

I'm limited. My skills are finite. Regardless of how many new things I learn, my skills set is not limitless. This obviously means that there is only a limited number of things in my life that I will be truly good at. Some skills I may be able to enhance

Startups Shouldn't Kill You

Everyone is working to hard. I include myself in that statement: I work too hard most of the time. Heck, in my average week I make compromises with regards to my health, my home life, my marriage and all of my friendships. All for the sake of working harder. But

Starting Up Again

A couple of weeks ago I was wondering out loud whether I might just be a one-hit wonder. The fact that I did not share at that time, was that I had already made the decision to close down Radiiate (my 2nd business after WooThemes), after it didn't grow / evolve

We're Pregnant!

Life changes so quickly... I can finally (publicly) share that Jeanne & I are 9 weeks pregnant and expecting our baby later this year. We've known for a couple of weeks, but waited for our first doctor's appointment before sharing the news with the world. Heck, to say that the

Interviewed on Bandwidth Blog

I was recently interviewed on Bandwidth Blog about WooThemes' growth & strategy along with all of the other projects that I've been working on.

One Hit Wonder

I have often wondered what defines me as an entrepreneur: Is it the fact that I've managed to co-found a genuinely successful and profitable company (WooThemes)? Or the fact that I've tried my hand at quite a few other projects and ideas along the way? Can I be considered successful

I'm Emo

I just read this great post - "When you want to quit because it’s just not worth it" - about how it's generally pretty shitty being an entrepreneur if you consider all of the emotional ups & downs you have to endure. As I was reading this


Tweets like this makes everything so much more worthwhile. :)

Uncompromising Ambition

I'm an ambitious guy, which means that I'm currently working on a bunch of different projects (to name only a couple). And on top of this, I'm hiring a new Rails developer to help push it even more projects... The thing is that there are some days - like today

Saying ‘No’ is saying ‘Yes’

Wish I could say "No" more often. For me, this would mean I can probably balance the different spheres of my life a little better and contain them in their own, little boxes.