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I've started to doing something new. Instead of just posting my photos randomly to Flickr (usually a case of finishing the editing and then uploading months after the photo was taken), I've started a bit of a photoblog [] there.

Honeymoon Photography

So I just finally managed to edit some photos from our honeymoon to Greece, Spain & Portugal in October. You can view a couple of snaps on my Flickr profile []. [box type="note"]I used Christine Meintjes []' awesome

Carbonmade Flickr

A few shots [] from an awesome evening with the Carbonmade crew.

San Francisco Flickr

I’m a budding photographer and these are the photos frommy recent trip to San Francisco [].


I love this girl! So much happiness captured in these shots!

DIBI Photography

More photos from my trip to DIBI / Newcastle over here [].