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Hiring for a Boostrapped Company

Going through many of these considerations now, as I'm deciding what to do in terms of hiring for Radiiate. Been toying with the idea of hiring someone full-time, but I think this article has just convinced me again to go with a contractor until things are more stable / viable in

Jason Baptiste

The new site we did for friend, startup founder and writer extraordinaire, Jason Baptiste.

SocialGo V2

The Radiiate team recently did some awesome work on SocialGo's V2 website. Check it out here. Expect the team to come up with some more great client (we recently snagged a big one) and internal work. :)

Second Startup Syndrome

I recently stumbled onto the Second Startup Syndrome article by Ben Horowitz and whilst reading it I realized that I was going through exactly the same thought processes, emotions & ideas as was described in the article. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been working on getting

An Open Letter About TypeFaces

If there’s one thing that is for sure in the design & development community, it’s the fact that nothing is ever as it seems and every now and again, there will be controversies & unhappiness going around. As a result, I’ve found myself at

TypeFaces Launch

These are the new Web Designer Playing Cards we soft launched yesterday. Check out TypeFaces here and grab your own copy! View more photos here.

Client Work (Part 1)

Ever since WooThemes established itself to such an extent that I could earn enough money from it to make a living thereof, I (Magnus & Mark made similar decisions with regards to their freelance activities) decided to call it a day for doing client work (which is why more than

Startups Anyone?

I’ll be starting up a new, boutique angel investment / venture capital firm called iincubate (see radiiate’s site for a bit more detail) and was wondering whether any of you had any startups that needed funding? :) Note: As many of you have asked… At this stage,

TypeFaces on Smashing Magazine

TypeFaces got tweeted by Smashing Magazine today. If they say it’s interesting, then it’s gotta be… Right?