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Freeing Rockstar Business?

I'm considering making Rockstar Business [] open and free to read online. Would that be something you're keen on?

Rockstar Business for $10

The paperback edition of Rockstar Business [] is now available for only $10 until the end of December. The limited edition hard cover has already sold out and with over a 1000 copies sold already, this could make some awesome Christmas-time reading... :) If PDF's are your thing, then

Chapters by WooThemes

WooThemes has just released the design (by Tim van Damme []) which I used to promote & pre-sell my book, Rockstar Business []. Having sold more than a 1000 copies already, I'd argue that the design served my needs pretty well. :) More information on the release here.

Rockstar Business Pre-Order

Get 15% off my book - Rockstar Business - if you pre-order it now using coupon code “RADIIATE”. :)

Ignore The Competition

I always keep tabs on what the “competition” is doing, as I need to make sure that my business innovate & grow in the right direction. So me keeping tabs here is more a way of watching out for potential trends that may develop and if takes a competitor to make

Being Impulsive

So I’m 25 years old now and one thing that will probably never change, is that fact that my first instinct is to act on my natural impulses, instead of taking my time, thinking things through and acting conservatively. That’s just how I am wired. In business I’

Ambition is hard work

Ambition & hard work goes hand-in-hand. One of the main reasons for my success thus far (and also for WooThemes), is the fact that we’ve never been afraid to work hard. Anyone disagree?


Ever wonder why supposed & so-called experts are still getting all the kudo’s, when the internet should have democratized these “privileges” & opportunities? Well, as frustrating as it is, experts still rule all the niches and it’s down to better self-marketing & branding to get into those spaces. Here’s a