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African Cartel

By now you should know that I have a massive passion for social good and more specifically business that are in business to do social good. And this is exactly why I absolutely love African Cartel [], which launched today. Sure, it was launched by Mark [http:


Except for being butt-ugly, I've been enjoying my love-affair with Kiva [] for quite some time now, because I absolutely love helping other entrepreneurs in whatever way I can. I've now made 26 loans on Kiva already, totaling a tad over $1000 and I'm constantly amazed at how

AE: Contributors Update #7

I'm incredibly excited today to announce that Aboard Entrepreneurship []'s 55th contributor is investor and entrepreneur, Brad Feld []. Brad's addition to the contribution team - along with Mark Suster []'s (which we announced before) - represents a massive coup for

AE: Contributors Update #6

Something really cool has happened recently with regards to the contributors for Aboard Entrepreneurship []: it has gone somewhat viral. :) A couple of the new contributors that has joined up in the last week, has taken the individual initiative to introduce us to some more awesome entrepreneurs and

AE: Contributors Update #5

We've managed to pin down 50 awesome contributors to Aboard Entrepreneurship [] and along with the almost 1000 of you that have signed up to the newsletter, this project is now really gaining some massive traction. The latest additions to the contributors list are: * David Cohen [http://twitter.

AE: Contributors Update #4

I'd just like to announce a whole new batch of awesome contributors to Aboard Entrepreneurship []: * Tom Preston-Warner [!/mojombo], GitHub [] * Steve Huffman, Hipmunk [] * Andrew Hyde [], Ex-TechStars [] * Dave Greiner [

AE: Contributors Update #3

39 authors for Aboard Entrepreneurship. Here's a quick look at the new additions: * David Hauser [], founder of companies such as the Grasshopper Group [] & Chargify [], aimed at empowering other entrepreneurs. * Dharmesh Shah [], founder of HubSpot [], makers

AE: Contributors Update #2

We're up to 25 contributors for Aboard Entrepreneurship []. Meet the new additions: * Naveen Selvaduria [], co-founder of Foursquare []. Yep, that Foursquare which is growing at a massive rate. :) I'm sure that Naveen's experiences with Foursquare will be of immense value to the

AE: Contributors Update #1

After successfully launching Aboard Entrepreneurship yesterday [] with 10 contributors, we've been blown away by the initial interest in the project. Hundreds of people have signed up to the mailing list and there's a bunch of awesome people who've reached out to us to contribute.

Entrepreneurship For Social Good

I believe in entrepreneurship and capitalism, in every man and woman's right to create value and awesome products, whilst in turn building businesses on top of that. I also believe that as a part of this freedom and opportunity, entrepreneurs need to give back to the communities on which they've