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Speaking Gigs

So following up on this tweet about my upcoming international travels, I have to say that there’s only two words to describe my current emotion: surreal & blessed. At the beginning of the year I set myself the goal of speaking at, at least 3 international conferences. Up

The Designer Startup

The video from the “The Designer Startup” talk at DIBI in April. (Slides here.)

Self Criticism

I’ve been watching the video of my recent presentation at NetProphet, in an attempt of improving my speaking skills going forward. So whilst there’s quite a few things that I will be looking to tweak going forward, I wanted to confirm one thing from the talk:

Professional Speaking

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve spoken at some local & international conferences and have EECI2010 in San Francisco coming up in a few days time. Now I don’t consider myself to be a professional speaker and as a result I don’t need

Lessons Learnt from WooThemes

This is my presentation - Lessons Learnt From WooThemes - at NetProphet. You can also see my slides from the presentation over here.

Netprophet Slides

Here are my slides from my talk - Lessons Learnt from WooThemes - at NetProphet yesterday. If you’re not intrigued enough to view the slides yet, have a look at these compliments that I got via Twitter yesterday… Wow @Adii makes awesome slides. If his slides are

Lessons Learnt from WooThemes

Here are some teasers of my slides for my talk - Lessons Learnt from WooThemes - at NetProphet on Thursday.