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Starting Up Again

A couple of weeks ago I was wondering out loud whether I might just be a one-hit wonder []. The fact that I did not share at that time, was that I had already made the decision to close down Radiiate [] (my

Angel Fears

A couple of weeks ago I joined AngelList hoping to get into the angel investment scene and diversify my own business interests (as well as meeting new people and having stimulating / challenging business conversations about their work). I've had a couple of introductions to startups which I thought had some

Titleless Startup

I love the description of a startup above and agree wholeheartedly with Eston’s views on why titles actually do not matter. This is a similar approach to what we have at WooThemes, where we’ve never been overly fussed about titles and specific job descriptions. And the only reason

What I Know Best

I’ve made a decision to stick to what I know best, as well as sticking to those people I know best. This may sound a little random, but it’s pretty unique in relation to how I see us growing The Rockstar Foundation [] & turning it into

The Designer Startup

The video from the “The Designer Startup” talk at DIBI in April. (Slides here.) []

The Startup Charity

Towards the end of 2009, I founded a charity to fund the education of exceptionally talented, but disadvantaged, girls in South Africa and in the months since then, we’ve done a lot of work in getting our structures in place to ensure that our first 2 girls are flourishing

Going Back, Changing Stuff

Based on this question [] about going back & changing decisions we made at WooThemes; is there anything that you would want to change with your startup / business if you had the opportunity to do it over again? Any regrets?

Idea: Build Campaign Monitor

I know this is something that many VC’s & startup founders have spoken about, but Campaign Monitor’s story again highlights that if you’re building something to solve a problem that you have, you are most likely also solving a problem that others may have. WooThemes - for example


If these guys don’t rely on banking fees to make money, I’m *really* curious to see their revenue model.

Netprophet Slides

Here are my slides from my talk - Lessons Learnt from WooThemes [] - at NetProphet [] yesterday. If you’re not intrigued enough to view the slides yet, have a look at these compliments that I got via Twitter yesterday…