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Bootstrap. That's all.

If you have ever wanted an authoritative article on bootstrapping your startup, then this one is just that. @spencerfry [] has immense experience in the field of bootstrapping startups and in this article he shares all of those valuable bits. So: read this! I think the reason

Founding CEO's

I’d just like to believe that if it was your idea to start with, you are best equipped to actually implementing that idea. You may need to surround yourself with great people (that contributes specific skills that you may not have), but you will always have the best vision

Betaworks Investments

First time that I’ve heard a VC explaining their investments this way, but this makes total sense as they are not only diversifying the risk between different investments, but also increasing the combined probability that they will all succeed (to differing extents of course).

The Life of a Startup Founder’s Significant Other

WOW! This post really resounded with me just now and it kinda struck a nerve or seven. I’ve been very blessed since meeting Jeanne [], in the way she has been super supportive of my mind being overworked at all times figuring out the way

A Startup just died

BAM! How much clearer do you want that message? Is it viable for every bright kid to start a new business? Maybe… Possibly… Why the hell not? If you’re adding value in a sustainable & profitable way [] , then your startup idea may just have

Advertising No-No

I had to have a bit of a LOL at this, because let’s face it: the only startups that seem to be featured and hyped these days, are those that have millions of users or are running their way through some significant chunks of VC funding. Where are the

How Much Equity Should You Give to Employees?

Nice article that calculates how much equity you should offer employees (in a startup environment) and what the implication of that is on the return that they should add to the business.